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Know More about Breast Cancer and the Types of Treatments

Breast cancer is caused by the cancer cells which appear in the breast ducts or lobular. The good news is that more women are now able to fight the breast cancer because of the early detection of it. The improvement of the quality of treatment is also useful to against this cancer. So that it is very important for women to know the early indication of the breast cancer, such as painless lumps in the breast, itchiness around the nipple, bleeding or discharge from the nipple that is not usually, breast skin is thicken, breast skin wrinkle or become concave.

There are also important facts about breast cancer that the women should know. The first is about the painful breast during menstruation. Woman’s breasts are the secondary sexual organs which are affected by the hormone of estrogen.  During the menstruation period, our hormonal become unbalanced that can make the breast painful.

The second is the different size between right and left breast. The breast size is determined by the content of the fat tissue in the breast. Mostly, the size between the breasts is actually different.  But the differentiate level between person to person is different. This is quite normal. But it needs to be aware if you find a change in shape or size of the breast that is radical.

Don’t hesitate to do breast feeding. Some studied has shown that the breast feeding for women decrease the risk of breast cancer. The other research result that a regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Doing exercise for four hours every week can reduce the risk of cancer up to 30%. Therefore, the American Cancer Society recommends women to exercise for 45-60 minutes every day.

The facts that breast cancer commonly happen to women. The breast cancer commonly attacks women because the problem is dealing with estrogen and progesterone. Breast cancer is rarely happen to men because the breast tissue surrounding the male is not as thick as a woman.

There are many ways to overcome breast cancer:

•    Mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast)
Mastectomy is the process of removing the entire breast tissue, including the nipple. Patients may undergo the mastectomy stains along with sentinel lymph biopsy if there is no indication of the spreading of cancer in the lymph nodes. Instead, patients are encouraged to undergo the process of removal of lymph nodes in the armpit first if the cancer has spread to parts of it.

•    Ovarian Ablation or Suppression
Ovarian ablation or suppression works to stop the performance of the ovaries to produce estrogen. The ablation can be done during the surgery or radiotherapy. The ovarian ablation stops the performance of the ovaries permanently. Ovarian suppression using agonists’ luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (aLHRH) called goserelin. The use of this drug will stop the menstruation period for a while. Menstruation period will return to normal after the process is completed. But for the patients above 45 years, they may stop menstruating permanently.

•    Chemotherapy
There are two types of Chemotherapy, chemotherapy which usually applied after surgery to destroy cancer cells and chemotherapy prior to surgery in order to shrink the tumor. During the chemotherapy process, the therapist uses some anti-cancer medicine. Some types of the medicines can be applied simultaneously. The types of the anti-cancer medicine depend on the type and the widespread of the cancer.

The general effects of the chemotherapy will affect the immune cells. But commonly, it can be prevented by the medicine from the therapist. Some of the effects of chemotherapy are loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, thrush or stinging sensation in the mouth, susceptible to infection, and hair loss.

•    Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the treatment process to destroy the residual of cancer cells with a controlled radiation dose. This process is usually given about a month after surgery and chemotherapy. It passed after the patient condition is getting well. But not all breast
cancer patients need this type of treatment. Similar with chemotherapy, this procedure also has side effects, such as breast skin irritation, breast skin color becomes darker, excessive fatigue and lymph edema (the excess fluid that appears in the arm due to blockage of the lymph nodes in the armpit).

•    Hormone therapy
Hormone therapy is especially for breast cancer whose growth is triggered by estrogen or natural progesterone. Hormone therapy is used to reduce the effects of the hormone. This step uses before surgery to shrink the tumor in order to make it easily to be removed. This therapy is generally applied after surgery and chemotherapy.

•    Use of herbal medicine
Some people think that the use of herbal treatment is the best way due to the natural ingredients and process. Herbal remedies are now become the source of research by some researchers. They do some research to know more about the benefits of natural ingredients in preventing cancer.  The quality of the herb is good for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer. In addition, the strength of the herb is there is no effect during treatment such as hair loss, the decreased of kidney function etc. the example of herb ingredients are mangos teen peel and sour soup leaf is the best solution. Mangos teen peel has a super antioxidant called ‘xanthenes’. It works as anti-cancer. Whether, soursop leaves contains acetogenins substances which can overcome the cancer cells more powerful than chemotherapy.

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